Our Business Philosophy

To do what we
know how to do
To do what we
say we will do
To do what we
believe will help
To deliver more
than what is expected
To charge a fair price

About Us

Most organizations in today's market have the technical skills to perform their jobs well. Product differentiation is becoming harder and harder to achieve. So how can you create a competitive advantage? By transforming talented individuals into cohesive teams at all levels of your organization. By turning employee potential into organizational performance. By aligning your people's actions with your business strategies.

For almost 20 years The Network of Training has been successfully providing and delivering training services to various business sectors. We focus on the development of key interpersonal, team and sales competencies, empowering people with the skills that are required for success in today's business world.

Working in association with the TRACOM Group, we are able to ensure that our programmes are researched and kept up to date with changing trends and environments. The TRACOM Group has been helping organizations maximize potential for nearly 50 years. They are the original creators of the SOCIAL STYLE Model™ - a leading interpersonal skills model - and from the foundation they have created a variety of products and services to support the performance needs of ambitious companies.